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[NU’EST FACTS] All About Ren.

  • Real name: Choi Minki, Born: November 3 of 1995, is the Maknae of the group; 
  • He weighs 56kg and Height 179cm;
  • Blood tipe: O;
  • Zodiac: Scorpio;
  • Hobbies: Watching movies and listening to music;
  • "Your dream as Pledis Boys? Ren Said: An artist who had the most abilities to dance and sing.";
  • He loves hugging Minhyun;
  • Minhyun said that Ren loves watch love movies cause he says that “love is incomprehensible but beautiful”;
  • He is the member who likes most to play, but when he is serious something is really unsettling him;
  • He doesn’t need other people opinion, but respects decisions;
  • Ren knows that people thinks he looks like Lady Gaga in his teaser and he loves it (*LOL ^^)
  • Ren likes to see other KPOP videos as JYJ cause thinks that can learn with them;
  • He likes girls with short hair;
  • He says that is the most creative in the group;
  • Once Ren went to buy cake in a shop and people looked at him so strange, he felt very badly;
  • Since he became a Man, Ren thinks that needs to gain more weight;
  • He danced at After School Blue’s MV “Wonder Boy”;
  • Even in the high school Ren was popular;
  • Ren really don’t likes when people criticize without knowing nothing about him (*me too, I know how u fell, Minki!);
  • He is the member who complains less and the quieter;
  • He is the first to stop turning in the end of the song, then the other members follow him and mistakes too;
  • According to Aron and Minhyun he has a strong personality
  • Dubbed as the male version of So Young (ex After School), cause them both have the beautiful “halo” around them;
  • He likes pasta;
  • He likes animals;
  • He can’t forget his makeup palette;
  • He always agree with other members (*that’s not what we see LOL);
  • He loves watch funny videos and he gained an iPad as a gift;
  • According to Aron, Ren is an exemplary friend and deserves all the best;
  • When he is alone, he likes to sleep;
  • In the stage debut Ren said that was very nervous for it and was happy;
  • According to members Ren never liked “heavy music” (*what is this?)
  • Ren is confident about his talent;
  • He doesn’t see himself so “effeminate” as some people says;
  • He is the type of person who smiles when finds something beautiful;
  • Ren likes to be with Aron cause he helps whenever he can;
  • He says that Lip Protector is a great thing and he always use it;
  • According to Ren, his mother is very supportive and he wants go further because of it;
  • He hates when people lie to him, especially when the lie is about something important;
  • According to the members, when Ren is busy he REALLY don’t like people bothering him;
  • He is reserved to himself but at parties he shows the real him (* OMG HAHAHAHAHHAHA);
  • According to Baekho and Minhyun Ren’s determination impress everyone in the group;
  • Wanted to be a singer since he was young;
  • Ren is an intellectual and thinks he might be a great asset (*LOL AGAIN)
  • He said: ” I went to a subway station’s bathroom once and the men who were there saw me and thought they were in the ladies room;
  • His favorite food: Kim chi jigae, Kanjang Kkaet Ip that his grandmother prepares;
  • He imitate what people say or do and they said that’s very similar to the original. He really likes it!;
  • He said that fan boys can approach and he’ll hug them to;
  • His inspiration is Michael Jackson,
  • He is a close friend of Baekho, Ren said that likes to be with him cause Baekho looks like a baby;
  • Ren likes to tell stories;
  • His favorite singer is Lady Gaga;
  • He is Christian;
  • When he can’t sleep asks to Baekho hug him; (cute ^^~)
  • He wants a girl who lie down on a green lawn to look at the blue sky with him;
  • Ren is the most mischievous and playful among the members, but he almost never laughs;
  • Ren loves hugging Minhyun and said that he is the most beautiful of the group;
  • Some people thinks that he is mysterious, but he still claims to be a “cute kid” inside;
  • Said that before becoming a member he was very “slow”;
  • He likes and admires the work of his manager;
  • In the beginning some people compared Ren with Amber from F(x);
  • If had time, Ren likes to go to a quiet place to think and rest;
  • Ren likes to wear clothes that please him and makes him happy;
  • Baekho said that Ren hides food in the bed to eat alone at night;
  • Ren: “Since I came from Busan and Lizzy noona too, she treats me very well. She also was in the studio with Raina noona and Nana noona (lol) to support us during our MV recording”

Source: kpopsweetdream.blogspot.com.br

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