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swaggaliciousnessisaword whispered: Finally ppl who love nu'est. How was the concert you attended.

was one of the best days of my life, i was so near of them and i was the only one with a poster with baekho’s name so he looked a lot to me and even asked me to throw my poster to the stage HAHAHHAH <3 

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Happy Birthday Aron <3

This dork is dorking forever

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happy 21st birthday to nu’est’s cute hyung, aron!  ♡

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Anonymous whispered: I'm so ready for a nu'est comeback.


5 months ago | 15

After Nu’est’s concert here i developed a new kind of depression: nu’depression.

When I see Baekho on pics or videos I’m like OMG I SAW YOU YOURE REAL WHY DID YOU HAD TO GO WHY DIDNT YOU STAY HERE? I MISS YOU COME BACK TO ME. (not only baekho but all the members)

Now I’ll have to go to Korea cause IT HURTS

I miss you Baby Tiger, I miss you Nu’est, please PLEASE comeback soon TT_TT

5 months ago | 12
Anonymous whispered: Where have you found all the info about the members? Is the information reliable? Just wondering ^^

On the internet. Fancafe, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, youtube XDD

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dreamdreammissinsomnia whispered: By any chance, do you know where I can find the 4th season of Nu'est L.O.∧.E story with eng sub?? :3 I can't seem to be able to find any of the eng subs anywhere and I'm tired of making up storylines as I watch them.

I dont know either cause the last thing i watched with subs was Nu’est in Love and it was with portuguese subs cause they translated from japonese to portuguese directly, sorry TT_TT

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